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W poniższym linku znajduje się artykuł w języku angielskim z wizyty mistrza Hong Zhitian oraz Piotra Osucha na Global Kongfu Website.  Link do strony:


mistrz Hong Zhitian

May 11, 2010, Hong Zhitian, a Chuojiao Fanzi master and standing vice president of Jiu Fan Wudao Research Society in Beijing Wushu Association, visited Global Kungfu Website with his disciple Peter Osuch. He delivered a wonderful speech on the theory of Chuojiao Fanzi and exchange and development of international wushu. Master Hong Zhitian learnt wushu from Mr. He Shouyan, a wushu master in Qing Dynasty from childhood and then acknowledged ‘Hua Whip’ Wu Binlou as his mentor to learn Chuojiao Fanzi systematically. Master Hong was good at fighting techniques and enjoyed a good reputation. Peter Osuch who was from Poland practiced Judo from childhood. He was attracted by Chinese Wushu by accident. He learnt Hongquan from Nanquan master and then learnt Chuojiao Fanzi from Master Hong Zhitian. Peter is the current member of Traditional Wushu Committee in International Wushu Federation, director of Traditional Wushu Committee in European Wushu Federation, vice chairman of Polish Wushu Federation, vice chairman of Polish Wushu Association, chairman of Polish Jing Wu Sports Association, chairman of Polish Traditional Wushu and  Chinese Cultural Association, etc. Master Hong demonstrated internal excise of Chuojiao Fanzi Boxing which was marvelous. Peter was fascinated by Chinese Kungfu and practiced Hongquan and Chuojiao Fanzi Boxing.


mistrz Hong Zhitian oraz Piotr Osuch

Peter revealed that there were many Chinese wushu schools and more and more European began to love wushu. When foreigners were learning wushu, they tried hard to study Chinese culture. “Without Chinese cultural accumulation, we can’t grasp the essence of wushu,” Peter said.

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